For me, it's always been about following my passion. For people. For connection. For the natural world, which offers so much to so many.  When I do this, when I dance in those circles that bring me joy and inspiration, I am happy--and full of energy. From day camps in California to wilderness therapy in the deserts of Idaho, from language teacher to facilitator to passionate climate leader and activist, I've learned to hone my passion and harness my energy.  With this energy, I thrive on inspiring others to similarly achieve what they need and want, both personally and globally, be it greater peace in their relationships, increased ease in communication, or a deeper connection to what is truly possible.

While tempted to share about various trips to Germany, Costa Rica, and other amazingly wonderful places (including the story behind the the cow picture above), I offer a few of the more relevant points on my journey to paint a picture for you of where I've been and what I've experienced.

Relevant Certifications: 

  • Certified Integral Master Coach, Integral Coaching Canada (ICC) - 2014
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF) - 2014
  • Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Medicine Institute - 2014
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching - German & Spanish, Pacific University - 2004
  • B.A. Foreign Language, Lewis & Clark College - 1996

Direct Experience:

  • Over 300 hours of direct coaching with 33 Clients, 2011- current
  • Teacher & Tutor, Self-Employed, 1996 - current
  • Regional Coordination Consultant, Citizens' Climate Lobby, 2013-current
  • Volunteer Group Leader, Portland Chapter of the Citizens' Climate Lobby
  • Business Owner/Founder, Tutor Me This, 2000-2014
  • German Teacher & Outdoor Program Director, Pacific Crest Community School, 2004-2009
  • Wilderness Therapy Instructor, SUWS Adolescent Programs, 1998-2000
“What I had not anticipated was how broadly the experience would affect my whole life...not only am I performing musically in ways I had once dreamed of, but I am living life itself with far greater authenticity. I strongly recommend Tamara to anyone passionate about, but struggling to effect positive change in this world and in themselves.”
— Michael B.

Where I'm At

While it's taken awhile, and certainly been a big part of my personal journey, I've finally learned of the value and importance of offering time, space and energy for those activities that bring joy, light, and happiness to my life. While I've generally loved my work, I also get really lit up by writing, water-color painting, biking, reading, gardening, canoeing, back-country camping, fostering friendships, connecting with my daughter, relaxing with my husband, and playing the banjo.


Where I'm going...

What has become clear to me over the years is that I seek to clear the path for others such that they, too, can create and contribute to the global change that this world, and our future generations, await. I strive to inspire you, empower you, and support you where you need it, in such a way that the seemingly impossible and huge sinks into your reality. I have learned, through plenty of error and trial, that it's not a task for one. This is for all - for me, for you, for us, for all of us - and my place is in community, being part of the bigger, serving this cause.  After years of watching it happen -- and most recently witnessing what is available when we "let go and let come," -- I am connected to what is possible, and am ready to lead from that emerging future. As scary or overwhelming as it may feel at times, it can and does happen, for any and all of us who are ready to take action around something different and lean into possibility. Read More about My Vision