What is Coaching?


Coaching is a partnership, a relationship between coach and client that has the capacity to improve performance and enhance the quality of life. Coaching creates awareness about what is holding us back, and shows us what is necessary to open up to the experience of life that we are wanting. It shines the light on those areas that are causing us stress, in a way that, with time and committed practice, can bring deep and sustainable change to our whole life.  


Integral Coaching® is an internationally recognized coaching methodology that seeks to integrate multiple aspects of a person and their life, enabling change that is both sustainable and embodied.  By gaining awareness of the way through which we go about our daily lives, attempting to create the change we seek, we come to recognize that we, as individuals, are quite different than our way. By separating our Way from who we are, we begin to gain access to other methods of approaching our lives and the meaningful topics within them. It is this process of creating and embodying new patterns that enables us to find success or fulfillment in the areas that, before, might have felt impossible. When we include all of these aspects, taking into consideration our thoughts, beliefs, interactions and tendencies in the world as they relate to our topic, our way of seeing and understanding is expanded, paving the way for growth and change. 

“...It has been nearly two years since I met with Tamara and I can say that the sessions changed my life in this area, and I continue to benefit from them. I am so grateful for her unique way of helping me find a new way of reacting and responding to situations that I continue to encounter in my personal life...”
— Leah F.


Everyone has their own specific reasons for hiring a coach. While many of my clients may share a commitment to mitigating climate change, the specifics around each of your challenges vary.  You may yearn for an increased level of happiness in your intimate relationship, or a greater productivity at work. Others may have a topic that is more directly related to climate change, perhaps seeking greater effectiveness in what they do, or feeling like their efforts make more of a difference. 

Practically speaking, Integral Coaching®  is applicable to a large scope of domains, including such topics and challenges as:

Calming Your Internal Experience

"There's no hope for us."

"This problem is way too big. What difference can I make?"

"It's too late and I'm afraid for our future."

"I'm so angry that all these corporations exploit our resources."

"I can't deal with this. It's too much."

Increasing Your Effectiveness

"How & where do I start?"

"What happens if I do it wrong?

"I don't have time right now."

"What should I do?"

"I'm so drained. How can I relax?"

"How can I apply my skills & passion to 'be the change'?"

Improving Your Relationships

"How can I help others be more effective?"

"I wish we got along better."

"Why do they do that?"

"Why aren't they listening?"

"Why am I the only one doing anything?"

"How can I help?"

Sound familiar?  Ready for different? Invite Change  


The decision to take on a coaching program is no small feat. It takes a willingness to not only look at our patterns, to examine them in a light of honesty and authenticity, but a genuine commitment to take action on those comfortable habits that often leave us frustrated or overwhelmed. 

As a coach, I listen. I inquire into what really matters, and get into your world with compassion and curiosity. And through it all, I see possibility. Where you may see darkness, I see opportunity and an opening for light. I listen for what lies beneath, those powerful messages behind our words, and then pour my heart into sculpting a unique program that will honor your strengths and enable you to reach that deeper level and create lasting change.

“...Before working with Tamara, I attempted many times to make the change I wanted, but each attempt ended in disappointment. Within a few sessions with her, I went from initially being somewhat doubtful, to believing that the change I wanted so much could really happen...”
— Brittney H.

As a client, you share with me what you're wanting--what's working, what isn't, and why this is important to you--in a particular area of your life. Through conversation and gentle exploration, we settle on the topic that will become the foundation of our work together. I develop a program to include developmental objectives, metaphorical representations of how you currently and might consider approaching your topic, and observation and practice exercises, all of which are designed to support you in building the muscles needed to meet your goals and ultimately experience fulfillment in your topic. 


I chose to pursue training with Integral Coaching Canada because of the thorough nature of the methodology. As opposed to considering just the bits and pieces that contribute to the challenges on our plate at any one time, Integral Coaching integrates the whole person, and the community in which they live. Thus, as you might imagine, taking on such a program is very intense work, and takes a commitment to both observation and applying new practices to your life.  To give you an idea of the the process, the program consists of the following pieces:

Session 1Intake: This is where I learn about your topic, the area of your life that you feel isn't working and that you'd like to be different. We explore the ins and outs of this topic in your life--what it looks like, how it fits into your life, and what you've done to address it in the past. 1.5 hrs.

Session 2Offer: Here, I offer you a program that I've designed for our work over the next many months. In this session, we explore in detail where you are, and where you'd like to be, and how we are going to get you there. 1.5 hrs.

Subsequent SessionsCycles of Development: These sessions are the protein of the program. It is here that you build the muscles that you'll need to be in that place that you're seeking. There are highs and lows here, like the rest of life, and we continue to build on your program to guide us to your goal. 1 hr each.

Completion: At this point in the program, life looks different for you than it did when we started. In this session, we reflect on the work you've done, how you got from where you started, and what you can do once you're flying on your own. 1 hr.