Client Testimonials

In Full

Brittney H.

I was open to possibilities when I met Tamara for our first Integral Coaching session, and had a few ideas in mind for possible goals. I was not expecting to open up as completely as I did, nor to settle on a topic that I have struggled for years to really face. But Tamara's ability to really listen and make me feel genuinely heard and valued allowed me to be more vulnerable than I thought I would be. She handled my issue with attentiveness, kindness, and care, and it showed in the plan she created for me. She zeroed in on aspects that took me by surprise and her insight had me looking at my issue in a new light, captured in a metaphor full of meaning and symbolism that had a significant impact on me. Her encouragement, wisdom, and guidance, combined with a plan that was perfectly suited to me, resulted in a transformation that I honestly would not have believed possible if it hadn't happened to me. 

I will always be indebted to Tamara. She changed my life.

Sean P.

When I first started with Tamara and Integral Coaching, I wasn't really convinced that it would work for me. I was struggling with double-anxieties of trying to start up a social enterprise - a business with a social mission. Not only were there financial pressures, but also pressure to contribute to a greater cause and still find time to connect with the people I care about. I was becoming overwhelmed and was having difficulty finding balance and joy in what used to be a passion of mine.

I was blown away at what Tamara and I were able to accomplish together. Tamara help me craft my own, personalized vision of what I needed in order to rediscover joy in my work and personal life. Through careful attention to detail, deep, meaningful conversations and a personalized set of beautifully crafted "practices," Tamara helped me find a new, authentic and relaxed way to manage my life and work. In fact, even the word "manage" no longer really describes how I feel about my responsibilities - they are just one part of a joyful and exciting life that seeks to work for meaning in the world. A profound change that helps me feel more like my "real self," even under pressure and in nearly any situation. Thanks Tamara!

Tiffany S.


Tamara is perceptive, direct, and compassionate with her feedback. During our coaching sessions, she opened my eyes to ways I was holding myself back in many areas of my life, including my relationships with the people who are important to me, and she supported me in taking new and direct actions in those areas. I looked forward to my coaching calls with Tamara, and always felt very seen and heard when talking with her.

Leah F.

I met with Tamara for coaching sessions on an issue that impacted my relationship with my spouse and potentially children in the future. It has been nearly two years since I met with her and I can stay that the sessions changed my life in this area and I continue to benefit from them. I am so grateful for her unique way of helping me find a new way of reacting and responding to situations that I continue to encounter in my personal life. Even years later I am still appreciative and grateful that this burden has been lifted and to have found a new way of being.  

Michael B.


I worked with Tamara through much of 2014, ostensibly to enable me to overcome a reluctance to perform musically with vulnerability, passion and emotional connection. In short, that part was successful. What I had not anticipated, however, was how broadly the experience would affect my whole life. What Tamara's personal coaching style and methodology helped me understand was how that reluctance in music was only symptomatic of far deeper lifetime currents. As Tamara came to understand them, she literally proposed a new way of being.

While initially skeptical, I opened to developing one "muscle" at a time to transition into doing just that. The evolution that occurred over those months, combined with other life changes, has had profound impact on multiple life dimensions, from marriage to family to other important connections in my life. Tamara proved to be more than competent as an Integral Master Coach, but went well beyond that to add her compassionate humanity and love of all life in a most effective way. So, not only am I performing musically in ways I had once dreamed of, but I am living life itself with far greater authenticity. Furthermore, the changes in me are being noticed in very positive ways by those around me. I strongly recommend Tamara to anyone passionate about, but struggling to effect, positive change in this world and in themselves.

Bike Farm Collective

bike farm logo.png

Tamara is an amazing mediator! She recently facilitated a two hour workshop for our all-volunteer run bicycle education collective. Tamara established an atmosphere of respect and communication right from the start of the meeting. We actually liked her suggested ground rules so much (one of them is "talk straight") that we've since implemented them at our general meetings! As facilitator, she spent more time listening than talking, and she encouraged every person to contribute to the discussion. She nudged people toward expressing their own needs, and not making assumptions about other people's experiences. She also recognized every experience as valid. What impressed me most were Tamara's questions: she staggered three well thought-out questions in such a way that every person felt comfortable sharing their individual needs in front of 13 peers. It was inspiring and we all felt closer to each other after the mediation.

Vanessa J. 


There comes a time in your life when you are tired and frustrated with whatever it is you need help with, and you don't know how to get there on your own. You feel too scared or not good enough to even come near that place. With Tamara's support, you will get to that place that you most desire, where it's no longer a crazy concept but a way of being that comes naturally to you. And when you look back at all the progress and transformation, you will be left in awe, because at one point, it was just a crazy idea, and now it's the true you that was trapped inside waiting to come out. 

Towards the end of my program, I tried to drag it on, but realized I had reached the finish line. It was a bittersweet moment because I had worked on and built that mental muscle for so many months, and now that chapter was coming to an end. Know that she will make you mentally strong. And that it will be OK. Because now, you get to start a new chapter in your life.

Art Q.

Tamara helped me tremendously in creating the presence of confidence and contribution. As progressed through the program, Tamara continued to guide and coach me to new heights. All the folks I coached accomplished great things and I attribute their success as much to Tamara's insights and guidance as to my participation. She was a rock for me. 

Tamara brought an impressive combination of presence and rigor in her coaching style. I was always confident that she was working full-steam for me and that made her work all the more powerful. Thank you.
— Pete J.

Fiona B.

In the time I was coached by Tamara, I felt that I made real progress and gained insights into my topic. She is sensitve and shows high intuition in getting to the heart of what is required to focus on what will make a difference. She clearly deeply cares about her work and is committed to developing her clients. She set practices that were challenging and doable, and I felt supported and "held" by Tamara's presence throughout the whole process.

Akiko O.

In the year that Tamara coached me, she guided me through uncountable breakthroughs and helped me understand the workings of my mind in the most compassionate, dedicated and steadfast manner. Due to the positive impact she was able to make in my life, causing a tremendous ripple effect in my community, I recommended her to my dear friend of over eight years. 

Throughout Tamara's coaching sessions, I noticed changes in the ways Leah communicated, resolved conflicts with her husband and friends, and dealt with challenging life occurrences. However, it was shortly after the completion of the full 4 month session that I had the privelege of witnessing the full transformation. [...] She was notable more at ease and able to freely express all of the wonderful and glowing attributes I love so much. [...] I am so elated and grateful that Tamara's coaching has enabled Leah and I to have a closer and more expressed friendship.