Individual Coaching

Integral Insight Coaching Sessions
Two 90-min.sessions
2 practices to apply immediately to support development in your area of challenge

Conflict Resolution

Integral Intensive Resolution Session
2-hr face-to-face group session
3 hrs advance preparation
30-min. follow-up phone consultation

Integral Growth Coaching Program
3-month program
1 hr sessions/2-3 wks
Daily practices and journaling questions

Integral Collaboration Resolution Program
3-month program
One 2-hr session, 2x/month
Weekly practices and guidance

Integral Transformation Coaching Program
6-10 month program
1 hr sessions/2-3 wks
Daily practices and journaling questions

Integral Vision Resolution Program
6-month program
One 2-hr session, 2x/month
Group and individual practices 


Available Discounts

Citizens' Climate Lobby volunteers receive a 10% discount on all services; additional 5% discount for CCL Group Leaders, Regional Coordinators and Staff.


I am committed to freeing you up to make a difference, and understand that your level of financial ability may not match your level of need. Please contact me to discuss flexibility around my rates, should you need this allowance. 

Coaching Details

An Integral Coaching® Program with me includes

  • 90-min. Intake session** 
  • 90-min. Offer conversation**
  • 60-min. Cycle of Development conversations every 2-3 weeks**
  • Individualized & written Coaching Program including:
    • Agreed-upon coaching topic
    • Developmental objectives
    • Current Way metaphor
    • New Way metaphor
  • Written focus and foundation practices, designed to build specific developmental muscles
  • Daily & weekly journaling questions
  • 60-minute completion conversation**
  • Loving commitment from me to support you on and throughout your journey!

An Integral Coaching program is thorough in a manner that allows development and ultimate embodiment of who and how you'd like to be. It requires a considerable commitment of time and energy, but one that you won't regret once you begin to experience yourself and the world in your New Way. 

**Sessions conducted over the phone, video conferencing, or face to face in Portland, OR. 

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