“You have to assume that the universe is a helpful place...”
— Alan Webber, FastCompany

Over 400, 000 at The People's Climate March, NYC, Sept. '14  Photograph: Jason DeCrow/AP

Hope is a funny thing. Without it, actions feel meaningless and motivation falls away. With too much of it, there's always that risk that we'll too appear "too optimistic", too out of touch with reality.

With that, credibility can falter.
And then, connection...

And thus I wonder, and similarly strive to create a balance - for me, for you, for us.  For all of us. 

While still a work in progress, I am eager for this page to be an ever-growing springboard to hope, highlighting articles, organizations, businesses, and even individuals, whose work on climate change and human consciousness can offer us hope for our future and for those of generations to come. Should you have input or ideas, I'd love to hear them - do share,  and check back often to see what's new on the hope horizon!  May this little webpage serve to connect you to the amazing growth and progress that is being made in our world, and inspire and motivate you in those moments when nothing else might.


As @ClimateCoach, I'm committed to spreading climate hope and action...

...and these sites may inspire, too!



This movie, "I am" encapsulates the foundation of my mission, that we're in this together...as one. We can do this. The basis of our nature is cooperation and democracy. It's in our DNA. 


A collection of articles that can instill further hope around Climate Change...

While I certainly don't write exclusively about hope on my blog, it does tend to infiltrate...

Get Involved

Change-Makers and their Organizations
the amazing work being done is extensive...may this list be a springboard

Securing a Livable World in Community

Raising Levels of Consciousness at the Societal Level